Draper Storm Force 230V Paddle Mixer, 80L, 1200W

Product Description

This dual-handle corded paddle mixer is ideal for mixing low-density materials like paint, varnish, bitumen and joint-sealing compounds up to 80 litres. It has a robust design and is fitted with a high-quality gearbox. The variable speed dial and trigger gives the user enhanced control and performance up to 680rpm with a soft start. There is a 120mm diameter swirl paddle for quick and consistent mixing. The paddle mixer is comfortable to use with soft grip handles located on each side for prolonged mixing. The operation is simple to use and there is a safety switch with a lock-off button. The dual-fold paddle is supplied with two spanners for removing and installing the paddle.

  • Variable speed control
  • Mixes up to 80L
  • Simple trigger on/off switch and safety switch with lock-off button
  • Dual grip handle with soft grip
  • 2-part folding mixing paddle


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