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At O’Donovan Agri Services we stock a wide range of products.  If you have any queries on any of our product ranges below, please feel free to call into the shop or call us for more information.  We will endeavour to put up more products in the coming weeks/months for your perusal.

Pressure Washers

                Diesel Pressure Washers

                Petrol Pressure Washers

                Electric Pressure Washers

                              Electric Pressure washers 220V

                                Electric Pressure washers 3-Phase

                Hot Washers

                                Petrol Hot Pressure Washers

                                Diesel Hot Pressure Washers

                                Electric Hot Pressure Washers 220V

                                Electric Hot Pressure washers 3-Phase

Bowser & Mini Bowser Pressure Washers

                                Towed Pressure Washers

                                Trolley mounted Mini Bowsers

               Pressure Washer Accessories

                                Pressure Washer Hose

                                Pressure Washer Lances

                                Pressure Washer Guns

                                Pressure Washer Nozzles

                                Pressure Washer Detergent/Chemical Applicators

Garden and landscaping tools & equipment


                                Push Mowers

                                Self-propelled Mowers

                                Ride-on Mowers

                                Battery Mowers

                Strimmers/Brush Cutters

                                Petrol Strimers

                                Walk Behind Strimmers

Battery  Strimmers

                Hedge cutters

                                Hand held Hedge cutters

                                Pole Hedge cutters

                                Battery Hedge cutters


                                Hand Held Blowers

                                Back Pack Blowers

                                Battery Blowers


                                Top Handle Chainsaws

                                Two Handed Chainsaws

                                Pole Chainsaws

                                Battery Chainsaws

                Multi Tools


Sprayers and Spray Pumps

ATV Mounted 12V Sprayer tanks

                Complete systems

                Pumps & Components

                Knapsack Sprayers

                                Manual Knapsack Sprayer

                                Battery Knapsack sprayer

                Hand Held Manual sprayers

Carted Sprayers

Manual Carted sprayer

                                Battery Carted sprayer

Water and fuel pumps

                Petrol Water Pumps

                Diesel Water Pumps

                Electric Water Pumps





                Hand pumps and Jiggle Hoses

                Petrol/Diesel Transfer pumps


                Petrol Generators

                                Site Generators

                                AVR Generators

                                Inverter Generators




Construction Tools & Equipment

                Concrete Mixers

                Breaking Hammers

                Concrete Saws

                Site Lighting

Power Tools

Please phone or call in store to view our selection of power tools including products from Milwaukee and Draper.

Hand Tools

Please phone or call in store to view our selection of hand tools.

Air Compressors and accessories

                Air Compressors

                                Direct drive compressors

                                Belt Driven compressors

                                Petrol and diesel powered compressors

                Air compressor accessories

Batteries and Chargers

                Please phone or call in store to view our selection of batteries and chargers.

Traffic management Equipment

Chemicals, Lubricants & Consumables

                Please phone or call in store to view our selection of cleaning chemicals, greases, oils and other industrial consumables.


Please phone or call in store to view our selection of Personal protective equipment including gloves, dust & chemical mask, suits, visors and hearing protection.

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