Emergency & Winter Services

O’Donovan Agri Environmental Services  provide Emergency Support Services To Both The Public & Private Sector In Times Of Major & Civic Emergency & Disaster Situations  .
As  Contractors For The Major Emergency Plan We Provide A Comprehensive Rapid Response For Incidence involving Flooding , Fire , Severe Weather Conditions , Animal Disease Out Break & Other Civic Emergencies .
Our Services Include :

Emergency Water Distribution

We can provide a comprehensive water distributing net work for both Public & Private Customers .
With 19 water carriers of various sizes from 1000 litre mobiles   To Articulated Tankers , water distribution for sanitary & drinking purposes is made easy . The company distributed 19 million litres of drinking water to Cork City residence in a period of 144 hours during the activation of the major emergency plan. when severe flooding disrupted the city water works in 2009


A rapid response solution is available for most flood situations from providing water pumping and water movement to sand bagging & barrier erection to a final clean up remedy.

Emergency Road & Facility Washing 

Emergency Road & facility washing is available for road spillages , major traffic incidents , chemical plan spillages & leaks & pollution spillages. 

Snow Plough & Salt / Grit Spreading

We provide snow ploughs of all sizes from the very smallest mounted on quad bikes & compact tractors for the tightest of operations up to large 3mtr wide ploughs mounted on tractors over 200 horse power for the larger situition .
We also provide a grit & salt spreading service from the smallest of hand push spreaders for around schools , shopping centres , hospitals etc to the very largest truck mounted systems for public road and carpark spreading .

Animal Disease Out Break 

In situations of contagious animal disease out break & contaminated food stuffs occurrence we provide 
  1. Farm & In Plant Disinfecting & Fumigation Services.
  2. Infection Control Measures 
  3. Disinfection Mats & Vehicle Wash down baths